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The year 2017 was a fantastic time for our cattery - so much has happened. We hope 2018 will be at least the same good, furry and peacefull.

See you in New Year!


International Cat Show Budapeszt  2017

IC  Xantia Avari
2 x Ex1
1 x nom BIS

Be My Blue Lilou Avari
2 x Ex1 (class 12)
1 x Best in Variety TOTAL
2 x nom BIS

We are very proud of our cats ! And it was great to meet all our breeders Friends!

It was the last show this year for our cattery.

And Budapest is beautifull in eacg season of the year.


International Cat Show Nitra (SK)  2017

 CH Xantia Avari
2 x Ex1
1 x CAC - CHAMPION !!!!!!

All For Kiss Avari
2 x Ex1 (class 11)
1 x Best in Variety TOTAL
2 x nom BIS
2 x Best In Show Junior !!!!

Ali - was posing really lovely :)

Xantia - our young CHAMPION!!!

Thank you Felis Nitra for a great Show!


Finally we have welcomed all planned for 2017 litters. Lest see how the kittens are growing.

Let's start from the oldest kittens. Litter's"C" babies are already 24 days ald and look so sweet :)

All litter's "C" kittens are reserved.

Litter's "D" kittens are already 11 days old!

And the last - surprise - Hiril's litter :)

We will soon contact everyone from the waiting list.


International Cat Show Poznań  2017

Xantia Avari
2 x Ex1 (class 9)
2 x CAC
2 x Best in Variety

Be My Blue Lilou Avari
2 x Ex1 (class 12)
1 x Best in Variety
1 x nom BIS

Grisaille's Maximus of Avari
2 x Ex2 (class 12)


And the last, but not least - addition to our Avari Family! Please welcome Fantassy Russia Jojoba! Thank you Liliya Moyseenko for this fantastic girl.


Max (Grisaille's Maximus) already feels like home :)

Lilka (Be my Blue Lilou Avari) - is not such a tiny kitten any more - but still very playfull.

And our beautifull Ali ( All For Kiss Avari).


Today we wolcomed Yulia's and Aron's litter!

All kittens are reserved.


We welcomed "the great world" today in our cattery!

From the other side of the globe, from Florida, USA our new kitten has arrived. Thanks to Karen Boyce's trust we were able to import this fantastic boy.
Welcome home Grisaille's Maximus of Avari - and for us just Max :)

This fantastic kitten is a perfect combination of great pedigree lines as well as fantastic exterion and the most perfect character.

But now, as he is not aware of his strong sides, he is just a playfull kitten living along other kittens in our house.

We are sure Max will bo our breeding and show pride and joy!


International Cat Show Słupsk 2017

All for Kiss Avari

2 x Ex1 (klasa 12 - kocięta)
1 x Best in Variety Kitten & Junior


We are ecpecting two litter ( Yulia's and Miriel's) this fall. So it will be a blue autumn in Avari House :)

Attention - the waiting lists for these litters are already closed.

Yulia - just loves the sunbathing!

And here Apricot - all gron up, lovely female!


We have kittens!

Apricot gave birth to 3 lovely babies. The father of the litter is our Orion.

The kittens were born on the 25th of April . The mom was very brave and now she is taking care of the children perfectly. We have 1 boy and 2 sweet girls.

All kittens are reserved.

The litter's page is ready - you can find it HERE. - TUTAJ.


He did it !!!!

The very first show male from our cattery- Orion Avari - has finished the title of Supreme Champion! This is the highest show title in FIFe federation!!! We are soooo proud of our boy - especially - he has done it in extremely short time being only 18 months old cat. During this time he got not only plenty of certificates for the following show titles, but also - which we find incredible - 12 Best in Show, 13 Best in Variety and 3 Best of Best show places. Which makes me sure, that my breeding plan and work are going the right direction.

But it is not all yet....

Our beautiful Yulia Metamorfoza has just finished not less prestigious FIFe Grand International Champion show title. This petite and shy girl has stormed through 15 International Cat Shows getting 4  Best in Show and 3 times Best of Best show prizes. Yulia will have a rest now from the cat shows and she will be occupied being a mother and our house companion.


Our club "No Problem" has organised the International Cat Show in Warsaw - of course we couldn't miss Avari team in it. As it was a quite shor trip for us to take, we took with us our youngest debutante - Xantia.

It was a fantastic show for us - in a competition of 13 Russian Blue Cats, we took it all!

International Cat Show Warsaw 2017

 GIC Orion Avari
2 x Ex1
2 x CACS - Supreme Champion !!!!
1 x Best in Variety Total
2 x nom BIS

IC Yulia Metamorfoza
2 x Ex1,
2 x CAGCIB - Grand International Champion
1 x Best in Variety
1 x nom BIS

Xantia Avari
2 x EX1
2 x nom BIS


Journeys and more journeys....

We took a trip to Slovakia to take part in the International Cat Show in beautiful Zilina.
We won some certificates but also got some very nice comments and words of encouragement from the judges.   

International Cat Show Zilina 2017

 GIC Orion Avari
Best in Variety Total
nom BIS

IC Yulia Metamorfoza
nom BIS

IC Rubleme Aron


We would like to invite all our kittens' Families and Owners to the discussion group, opened on Facebook. So far - only Polish language, but it may change soon, if English speaking participartors appear.

I decided to open the group - as a nice and quiet place, where you can ask any question about you Avari cat, place pictures and exchange experience and ideas. Just between Avari Family and Friends.

The only condition to join us it to own an Avari cat (Russian Blue or Burmilla).


What a fantastic show marathon! At the weekend we took part in the International Cat Show in Szczecin - what a surprise - the results of our cats were outstanding.

International Cat Show Szczecin 2017

 GIC Orion Avari

 2 x Ex1,
2 x CACS
2 x nom BIS
1 x Best in Show Adult Male
2 x Best of Best

IC Yulia Metamorfoza

 2 x Ex1,
1 x BIV total
2 x nom BIS
1 x Best in Show Adult Female
1 x Best Opposite Sex


Avari Team on tour ;)

We took a trip to Czech Republic to visit beautiful Bojkovice. The International Cat Show was placed in the lovely Novy Svetlov Castle. It was a nice, relaxing weekend for us, with some unexpected, fantastic prizes and results for our cats :)

With a very strong copetition between Russian Blue cats, with amazing breeders and fantastic judges - it is a pleasure to show our results:

International Cat Show