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Miriel Avari*PL

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Miriel is a girl from our Hiril's first litter. She is one of the three sisters, whose favourite hobby was running and climbing up and down the huge cat tree. And now, she still loves the highest places in the house :).

Miriel is the first kitten of combined two lines: the American one (Aron) and the European (Hiril), so she is the pioneer of our own breeding line. We are even more happy, because she looks to be a fantastic experiment result: huge , vivid green eyes, large ears, the thick coat and the grace of a Russian Blue Lady :) It just tells us, we are going the right direction in our breeding plans.

Miri is a walking sweetness, loved by all of us. She is also a little messer as a kitten should be at this age. But no one is able to be upset with her, as you look in those sweet eyes, your heart just melts.....