About us

We are a professional, home based cattery, not intended for a mass reproduction of cats. Our cats are members of our family. They are all loved and spoiled. Cats are part of our family. Our aim is to breed truly healthy, beautiful cats with all the most unique physical and mental characteristics of the Russian Blue breed.

We take pride in fact that our commitment and work results not only healthy but also trusting and loving kittens.

We breed cats as a hobby and because we love the breed, not as a business. Avari is a small cattery, averaging only a few litters a year. Therefore, we may not always have kittens or cats available. Our kittens are raised underfoot in our house and therefore handled and exposed to a household environment from an early age.

We want to talk to all potential buyers, and some may feel that we ask a lot of questions. Our primary goal for all pet sales is that the cats go to the type of loving home that they deserve to be in. We will not sell cats as “gifts” to give to someone else, unless we are able to talk to the caregiver that the cat will be ultimately be going to.

The basic principle of our cattery is that the interests, needs and well-being of animals have an absolute precedence over particular interests of the breeder. He or she must seek to ensure their joyful life, such as they would have in nature. They must live in accordance with their natural needs, spend their time according to their desires and enjoy company and freedom.

Raising kittens rules in our cattery

  • kittens are not weaned against their or their mother’s will;
  • kittens are allowed to remain with their mother at least until they are 13-weeks old (to ensure their maximum immunity due to the long breast-feeding and in order to exclude the suffering associated with a premature separation of the mother and kittens);
  • kittens receive particular attention and care, in order to ensure their trust and ease in creating bonds with people. For this reason, the breeder should not have more than two litters at the same time. In justified cases (common heat cycles) brief overlapping periods are allowed, when the eldest kittens are just prior to adoption and youngest still cannot walk.


  • the breeder makes a careful and thorough selection of people who adopt kittens from the cattery. In case of any doubts about the future care or housing conditions, kitten should not be sold;
  • the breeder shares the knowledge necessary to raise a cat in the best health and well-being. Advice and readiness to help should not end with the sale of the cat;
  • when choosing a kitten for a particular person, the breeder will serve with an advice, taking into account the individual characteristics of each of his or her animals;
  • within one month from the adoption, the breeder is ready to take the kitten back in the event of an unexpected allergy in the family of the new owner. The conditions are set in the contract between the breeder and the owner.

We are unconditional enenemies of cages, even those “professional, spacious and comfortable”.

Our cats live with us at home, in conditions such as those as any cat lover wants to ensure for his or her beloved pet. They take part in our everyday life; they are loved and cuddled. They simply have for themselves the whole house – sleeping with us in the bedroom, sitting in the living room, eating in the kitchen, lying on the terrace. They are never locked down. They are never kept in any “cat room”, in the attic, garage, or garden house. Their freedom is never constrained and they have regular contact with the family, which they really need.

All our cats are FIV and FeLV free.