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We don’t sell kittens without pedigree.

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About kittens

It is amazing to look at the tiny Russian Blue kitten and know that its pink nose will soon become gray, blue eyes – green and that the round, furry, small ball will turn into a sleek slender figure.

Kittens of this breed are very curious, playful and sociable. First months of their life are decisive for their social development. Whether they would build a strong bond with their human companion, be confident, “brave” and understand that they are not allowed to destroy and scratch their owners’ precious things – it would all be determined at that stage. These first months are also crucial for their health and their diet at this point will have an impact on their whole lives.

We do our best to accompany this process giving them our knowledge and care. Kittens are part of our family and from the very beginning we teach them to love, trust and joyfully take part in everyday household activities. From the birth until the moment when the kittens leave our cattery being over 3 months old, we usually have one litter only, in order to give the kittens and their mother the full attention they need.

Thanks to the features of their parents and to our great care and devotion, kittens from our cattery are distinguished by natural health and beauty and by a great affection and ease in building relationships with their human companions.

They are a real joy and pride of every home.

What conditions have the cats in our cattery?

We are unconditional opponents of cages, even those “professional, spacious and comfortable”. Our cats live with us at home, in conditions such as those as any cat lover wants to ensure for his or her beloved pet.  They take part in our everyday life; they are loved and coddled. With us at home also means that they simply have at their disposal the whole house – sleeping with us in the bedroom, sitting in the living room, eating in kitchen, lying on the terrace. They are never closed. They are never kept in any “cat room”, in the attic, garage, or garden house. Their freedom is never constrained and they have regular contact with the family, which they really need.

How many litters has the cattery per year?

Each of our cats can have only one litter per year in order for us to be able to provide as much of our time, attention and caresses as they need and not to cause undue jealousy between them, or God forbid – competition.

Are kittens for adoption vaccinated?

Yes. All kittens leave our house fully vaccinated, dewormed with the health book confirming the above. The kittens travelling abroad also get the rabies vaccination.

Can the cats be visited?

Every cat lover is welcomed to visit our cattery. The future adoptive parents can also pay visits to the kittens, in order to make them acquainted with the new family. In order to protect their fragile state of health at that time, kittens can be visited after they finish first 21 days of life and can be held and petted by strangers as of their 8th week of age.

Do cats get a layette? What is it necessary to buy for the newly adopted kittens?

Our kittens leave our home with a complete layette, providing everything they will need in their new home and ensuring that they will have some familiar things with them. The layette contains food for a week, favourite treats, litter box and cat litter, bowls, favourite toys and natural sheep fur on which they were sleeping with their Mom.
Adoptive parents only need to buy a scratch post, a litter box and a transport bag. It should be in place before the arrival of the kitten, so that it does not learn to scratch anything else. We can share with you our our experience for choosing the best scratch post.

What is the procedure of purchase of a Avari kitten?

Interested in a Avari kitten can contact us to be included in a list. By conversations, if possible and preferably personal meeting, we try to get to know the prospective family and if we have no doubts about the new home for our kitten, we sign the reservation contract, which is based on advance payment. From that moment on the kitten will not be offered to anyone else. The issue of withdrawal from the reservation is ruled by the reservation agreement.

To future “parents” we regularly send information about kittens’ development and pictures. At any time, they can also be visited by the new family.
Kittens can leave our house as of the end of the 13th to 16th week of age. We agree the exact date according to preferences of the new family and to retain weekly intervals between successive adoptions (in view of their mother’s well-being).
An adoption contract is signed at the day of the adoption. We hand then also all documentation – pedigrees, health books, health certificates, our materials on nutrition and pet care. Payment for the kitten can be made in cash or  transfer upon presenting the proof of payment.

How the kittens are transferred to their new homes?

If possible and unless the new family wishes otherwise, we will do our utmost to bring the kitten to its new home. The cost of travel up to 100 km we are ready to cover ourselves. If the new house is far away, we try to choose the best possible and affordable way to get there and the costs or the travel are in that case to be covered by the new family. We also prepare all the necessary formalities for a kitten to be adopted abroad.

Prices of kittens sold abroad are determined individually and are payable in Euro or USD, because a kitten who is to go abroad stays with us longer, often requires additional vaccinations and special veterinary documentation.

Our guarantees:

  • Avari cats come from healthy, strong and harmoniously living parents, giving them a guarantee of high resistance and a lack of genetic diseases,
  • Avari cats are chosen to contribute to the development of all beautiful characteristics of the breed. By a careful mating we complement the features of our cats so that they can achieve the ideal of a Russian Blue.
  • Avari cats and kittens are surrounded every day with love and attention, which results in their harmonious, cheerful nature and ease in building a relationship with humans,
  • Avari cats undergo thorough examination before each pregnancy in order to assess their strength and readiness for receiving babies. All our cats are tested against the absence of genetic, viral and other diseases which could be transferred to the next generation.

Guarantees we expect from an Avari cat owner:

  • that the cat will live in love and care throughout her life and her needs will never be ignored,
  • in the case of adoption by a family with children, ensuring that they will be taught how to treat the cat gently and with respect for her feelings.

Our kittens leave the cattery microchipped and reported in the database: